More theory physical scaling prevention system

More theory physical scaling prevention system

HHydro-Service Schweiz uses electronic technology for AquaKLEAR | AquaZino, which prevents scaling/fouling, without environmental burden.1 This electronic antifouling (EAF) technology is based on a method, which produces an oscillating electrical field according to Faraday’s law to produce the necessary energy to suspend the mineral ions (e.g. Ca2+ and CO32-).

More frequent collisions turn the mineral ions into insoluble mineral crystals (e.g. calcite). This process is called “controlled precipitation” (Figure 2). Phrased differently, the EAF treatment turns dissolved mineral ions into mineral salt crystals through controlled precipitation. This is a highly efficient method of neutralising dissolved mineral ions, thus preventing them settling on pipe walls, heat exchanger surfaces, sinks, etc.

Phrased differently, the degree of oversaturation of hard water drops considerably after treatment with AquaKLEAR and limescale deposits are prevented (Figure 2).

Figure 1: Aragonite (spiky/needle-like crystal form)

Figure 2: Calcite (hexagonal crystal form)

The hexagonal calcite formed during use of the electronic anti-fouling (EAF) technology by Hydro-Service Schweiz rarely deposits on pipes, heat exchanger surfaces, sinks etc.

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