Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Q. What benefits are there to installing a limescale and rust inhibitor?

  • Prevention of new limescale deposits and rust formation
  • Remedies existing encrustation/limescale deposits by using the latest technology
  • Longer lifespan of fittings and all machines and devices carrying water
  • Savings on high repair and maintenance costs on all devices carrying water
  • Descaling intervals can be extended with the boiler
  • Up to 50 % saving with detergents and care products
  • Reduced use of specialist cleaners

Q. Are electromagnetic device frequencies harmful?

No, AquaKLEAR limescale inhibitors generate electrical fields (pulses) and are absolutely not dangerous.

Q. Do the systems alter drinking water (premium water quality)?

  • The good quality of drinking water is not altered (coffee, tea and water) because no chemical

additives are required. In contrast, all vital minerals are retained by the water (e.g. calcium, magnesium).

  • Calcium and other minerals are important for your health. They remain in the water. As the liquid no longer retains the otherwise released calcium ions, the water feels softer and soap creates more suds.

Q. How do I know if the system is working?

  • The limescale inhibitor can be equipped with almost unlimited applied programs. They have an automatic control loop (operational readiness check, optimum program setting, constant monitoring, and periodic function tests). They guarantee a proven high degree of effectiveness. Manual settings are not required. The device is fully automatic. A green light on the device shows that it is active.

  • Plumbers will already notice the effect on the condition of the pipes and the device after a few months. (limescale reduction in the pipes of up to 88 %). After a few weeks, you will notice the positive effect of AquaZino | AquaKlear limescale inhibitors on the state of taps, shower heads, toilets and sinks. The limescale is no longer firmly attached, it is very easily removed by wiping and rinsing and you will no longer require chemicals to remove the limescale layers.

Q. Which machines are protected by the AquaZino | AquaKLEAR system from limescale building up?

  • Our systems protect household devices connected to the water mains.
  • So, besides the piping system the washing machine, the dishwasher, the shower heads and taps.
  • Less rinsing agent, brightener, detergent and conditioner, and no descaler is needed.

Q. What size of AquaZino | AquaKLEAR do I need?

  • The AquaZino | AquaKlear A05 system is sufficient for a small one family house, holiday flat and privately-owned flat


  • A more powerful system is needed for apartment blocks and complexes, swimming pools, steam rooms and hot tubs. The choice of device type also depends on the length and diameter of the pipes, and the water flow rate. Our service technicians will be glad to advise you.

Q. Installing the device/systems

  • Installation is by our technicians.

  • The AquaZino |AquaKLEAR device is attached to the water supply (mains) and sealed with appropriate ferrite rings. No pipes are altered.

Q. Do the devices need maintenance and servicing?

  • No, AquaZino | AquaKlear systems require no servicing whatsoever. They are constructed as solid-state circuits and contain no moving parts.

This is why they are guaranteed to run for many years without malfunction. Maintenance work is never needed.

Q. How much does the power cost?

  • For a detached house, the power required costs around CHF 25 per year.

Q. Is there an after-sales warranty?

  • AquaZino | AquaKlear has 3 years warranty.

Q. Do I actually need a device with copper or plastic pipes?

  • Yes Even copper and plastic pipes scale up over time. The smoother the pipe surface, the later the scaling process begins. However, once a limescale coating has formed, the limescale crust grows just as fast as elsewhere.

Q. Can I use AquaZino | AquaKLEAR devices when I have PVC- tubes?

  • AquaZino | AquaKlear are suitable for all pipe materials - iron, copper, steel, plastic, PVC, etc.

Q. Are AquaZino | AquaKLEAR devices environmentally friendly?

  • Our devices are environmentally friendly as there are no chemicals whatsoever required.

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