How is it possible

How is it possible?

A -without AquaZino system:

  • Drinking water pipes shows clear limescale deposits

  • Strong deposits lead to loss of water pressure.

  • High costs result for the reconstruction of the water pipes

B - with AquaZino system

  • AquaZino prevents and disperses the limescale deposits.

  • Without salt, without water softener

  • All the important minerals, such as the minerals magnesium and calcium, remain in the drinking water.

  • High-frequent electrical signals connected to the pipes spread through all water pipes.

  • The calcium crystals separate from the heating elements and from the pipes and are removed, which preserves the efficiency of the heat transfer.

C- AquaZino after at least 3-6 months

  • The calcium and rust deposits (corrosion) are removed.

  • The high frequency impulses of the AquaZino systems lead to the splitting of magnesium and calcium into tiny microcrystals which due their surface structure can no longer build up deposits and they are flushed out with the water.


  • Enjoy the soft, unchanged drinking water.

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